Launching a New Project: Pitmaster’s Barbecue Log Book

Today I launched the Pitmaster’s Barbecue Log Book, on Kickstarter

There were a lot of ups and downs to bring this project to life. And, I am really excited to see it come to fruition! 

The idea originated from a frustration I had. I didn’t have an easily accessible place to document every time I cooked barbeque. For years, I wrote things down on different types of paper making it difficult to retrace my steps with any cook I did. At this point, there are about 16 years of cooks documented on different types of paper.

The solution was a book with a standard entry format with room to document the most frequent variables in a barbeque or grill cooking session and a bookmark to quickly get you back to where you started.  Pitmaster’s Log Book.

Our initial funding goal is designed to cover the raw costs of the production process. It’ll pay for the cover, the layout and design (done in-house by Mike Hall), and the printing of the book. We have our printer lined up, and the costs specced out. If we hit our initial funding goal, Pitmaster’s Barbecue Log Book will become a reality, with a projected publishing date of September 2018.

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If you or, someone you know would be interested in the project, sign up to be a backer or, share with someone you know! #bbqbetter

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