Tools for Installing Laminate Flooring

Self-installing laminate flooring can be tricky. But, with the correct tools and good preparation, it’s not an impossible task for an experienced “DIYer”.

Sure, you can buy a kit of tools. But, we all know that kits contain a variety of products and varying quality to come in at a given price point. With that in mind, I’ve linked this list to the better tools available. 

You can buy the laminate floor installation tools pretty much anywhere, you may even have some/ most of the tools in your toolbox. 

The tools here are a pretty inclusive list. 

Laminate Flooring
Underlayment (if required)
Moisture / Vapor Barrier (if required)
Wood Glue
Flooring Spacers
Transitions and Mouldings
Finish Nails
Wood Filler
Silicone Sealant (if required)

Laminate floor tools and materials can be purchased online or, at a local store. When selecting laminate floor tools consider a higher grade tool for the job, it will make installation a lot easier. Where this is most evident is in pull bars. Some installation kits include a pull bar that is nothing more than a piece of flat, cut, thin steel. If you are doing any amount of flooring you want a pull bar that is comfortable to use, long wearing and can take some abuse. This is especially true if your are flooring more than one room and if you need to make a repair.

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Laminate Floor Installation Videos


What are the laminate floor installation tools that you consider indispensable? Let me know in the comments below.

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