What will the first 100 days bring?

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For the first time in our Nation’s history an African-American has been elected to our highest office. For the progress of racial equality that this election represents, I am proud to be an American. President Obama has a difficult road ahead. Any President would in these times. Like the changing of the seasons, we know from history that no Party stays in favor for too long. What will President Obama do in his first 100 days? Few know the concrete answer. Only time will tell.

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Rob Ainbinder

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2 thoughts on “What will the first 100 days bring?

  • November 19, 2008 at 8:59 am

    Rob~ I am also one of those who is extremely proud to be American in this exciting time in her history. While I am only 50, I still never anticipated having anyone other than a whilte male as our President. I did think if we were somehow able to break through that barrier, it would be a female first. My 81 year old mother was correct four years ago when she first heard President-Elect Obama speak at the Democratic National Convention. She called me and said “we have just heard our next President speak”. The daughter of a white, southern, primitive Baptist minister was a strong supporter of Barack Obama. My oh my, the world is changing indeed. It does sadden me to see so many in the deep south and midwest who cannot get beyond their prejudiced hatred for people of color. I pray for the safety of the entire Obama family.

    What a challenge this man faces in not only his first 100 days, but in his first four years. The numerous failures and disasters that the current administration has let this country fall into will take a mighty strong hand to begin to turn around. Two wars. A failed economy. A failed foreign policy. A failed domestic policy. In some ways I feel sorry for President Bush. He allowed the neocons of his party dictate his administration: Cheney, Wolfowitz, Card, Rumsfeld, and Rove, just to name a few. He allowed himself to be a puppet on a string, and his legacy will suffer for it.

    I pray that President-elect Obama will be given the chance to at least start the process of righting this ship. It won’t be easy. Just this week Rush Limbaugh said the failed economy was Obama’s fault. Here we go again.

  • December 26, 2008 at 10:36 pm

    I never disrespect the office of the President. The fact that one of color takes the reins does not change that for me. I am more concerned about the financial implications of the upcoming Presidency that the social ones.


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