Compare NC Candidates for Governor

In this document from SEANC it’s pretty clear who will support the underpaid State employees. If you believe it means higher taxes you could be right but, if Ballantine cuts state spending as stated there might be enough to pay State employees without raising taxes.

If taxes are raised is it worth giving DMV workers a bit more to encourage a better customer service attitude?

MSFT “paperless” Home

Recently installed the XP service pack and tucked into my “Links” list was a link for Windows Marketplace (sneaky…Redmond…very sneaky).

Clicking around I found this article . And got a good chuckle in the process.

A paperless home? Transfer my address book to Outlook? (until the computer crashes.)

Store my recipes in a database? How will I use them in the kitchen without printing them? I guess I could network the house and put a terminal in the kitchen… Nah, paper is cheaper and a recipebook can withstand the enivitable drops, drips and other causualties that come with cooking.

Thanks but, no thanks MSFT.

Ballantine for Governor Blog Button

I created a button for you to use to show support for Patrick Ballantine. The candidate to vote for in North Carolina’s Governor’s race.

Ballantine for Governor

To use it, do me a favor and download it by right clicking and save as… (don’t hotlink) then, upload it to your blog or webpage.