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Rob Ainbinder – Digital Dad

Chronicling my adventures in Home Improvement, Barbeque and Fatherhood

March 18th, 2004

I won! I won!

Ok, so it’s “only” an office raffle..but, the prize list includes: A Wal-Mart gift, gas card, a huge plush Kangaroo, some CDs, a certificate for a massage. Something for everyone in the family…pretty cool.

March 15th, 2004

Dissection is essential

If you support PETA this is not a blog entry for you!

If anyone thinks it’s a good idea to stop the dissection of frogs…go pound some sand. There’s no other way you can learn the detailed physiology and appreciation for the miracle/evolution of an animal. It’s idiotic to push the science of discovery back to the dark ages! Here’s a well thought out postion on the issue if you disagree with me. by the University of Minnesota.

March 11th, 2004


I can understand the strife about the ‘Passions’. Someone you love and you watch him die in the most horrible of Roman methods.

Anyone would cry…

For a different look check this article.

March 9th, 2004

Rediscovering “The Point!”

I remember this music from my childhood (thanks Mom!) and now more than 34 years later I ordered and received The Point! to share with my daughter. Her reaction to “Me and my arrow” was a big smile. Hearing it again put a smile on my face and that of my wife. Of course, my wife’s inner critic did come out “sounds like it’s from the 70’s….pass the herb!” I am looking forward to sharing more of this great story with my family.

March 8th, 2004

Some business “logic”

It’s no secret (I’ve always been on the “job hunt”) but, this interview took the cake. I show up on time (5min. early) and wait to be seen (an additional 15 min). My interviewer (the owner/president) says “I thought we had it scheduled for tomorrow”. (Clearly, this was NOT the test of ambiguity I was hoping for from a prospective employer.) Indeed, I referred to my notes and I was there on the correct day and time. My interviewer was “gracious” and spent sometime with me. During this time I learned that this “multifacted” job was an “entry-level” job. (I admitted, I must have over looked that detail.)

I described my accomplishments to date and he inquired as to my salary requirement. Being a somewhat trained interviewee I gave him my range. He stated “There was no salary set but, that was out of the range.” Fine, best of luck to you.

Now, here’s the most interesting post interview thought…If you run (or aspire to run) a business would you trust two company functions (Marketing & Website developement) to an entry level candidate? If you want entry level “results” I guess so.

Personally, I hire the candidate who could get the job done based on the salary research I did in advance.

Next interview…please!

Rob Ainbinder – Digital Dad

Chronicling my adventures in Home Improvement, Barbeque and Fatherhood